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As a current Juris Doctor candidate and a career-driven creative, Meah is always striving toward excellence. Johnson looks to utilize her Juris Doctorate to make massive contributions to the legal realm. Johnson plans to use her talents to take the world by storm, with interests in corporate, commercial and fashion law. 


Makeup Artist

Johnson currently  works as a freelance makeup artist. Her makeup portfolio can be viewed under the "Makeup By Meah Jay" brand name. Makeup appointments can be booked by clicking the button below.


Freelance Writer

Meah Johnson, founder and curator of Black Girl Today. Black Girl Today, a comprehensive, digital magazine curated to entertain, indulge, educate, and inspire creative, millennial women, made its debut in 2017 and has continued to thrive since then. In addition to her own blogging endeavors, Johnson  has also acted as a recurring writing contributor for Black Southern Belle and other media outlets. 


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Featured Work


Urban Social TV

Below, there is a link to Meah Johnson's written works as Urban Social TV Staff Writer: http://www.urbansocialtv.com/author/meah-johnson/


Black Southern Belle

Below, there is a link to Meah Johnson's written works as Black Southern Belle Contributing Writer: https://blacksouthernbelle.com/author/meah/



Below, there is a link to Meah Johnson's latest contribution to The Total Package Magazine: https://www.tpthemag.com/single-post/2018/01/19/The-Importance-of-Clapping-for-Others

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